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Complete Weight Loss Surgery Care with Beverly Hills Physicians

Weight loss surgery has transformed the lives of many obese people, but a patient’s choice of a health care provider can make the difference in terms of achieving the most successful outcome. Beverly Hills Physicians offers care that covers all the bases for a patient’s health and happiness.

The sleeve gastrectomy, which removes a large percentage of the stomach, has been shown to be highly effective while allowing patients to eat many of the same foods he or she may have eaten prior to surgery, though in much smaller portions. The lap band, which blocks food from entering a large portion of the stomach, has received a great of attention lately and is the only reversible option. Beverly Hills Physicians is here to provide the highest level of medical care with widely respected bariatric surgeons who are here to help patients determine which procedure is right for them and support them in producing permanent and healthy weight loss.

The help doesn’t end with the doctors at Beverly Hills Physicians. Outstanding nutritional counseling and psychological support is available, as well. Beverly Hills Physicians also offers the services of Southern California’s finest plastic surgeons to help successful weight loss patients deal with the aesthetic issues that can linger after a successful and dramatic weight loss. These include procedures such as tummy tucks to remove excess skin, often employing liposuction for additional body contouring when needed.

The Beverly Hills Physicians difference extends beyond strictly medical help. Our friendly and understanding consultants are also here to help patients with insurance matters and, where needed, financial planning to make procedures affordable for people on modest budgets. Please contact us to request a free initial consultation.

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