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Chrissy’s Choice

Famed model Chrissy Teigen has gone public with her decision to have her breast implants removed. She has said in interviews that she enjoyed having her implants for many years but just felt it was time to move on. She has also cited that having children influenced her decision to remove her implants, although she also mentioned she might still be interested in a breast lift at a later time.


 Her openness can certainly empower other individuals to be proud of whatever enhancements or plastic surgery procedures they decide are best for themselves and their wellbeing. Every patient has their own reasons for getting a procedure and Chrissy Teigan’s choice shows that, as time goes on and people change, their priorities also may change and so do their choice of procedures.

 A common misconception about plastic surgery is that individuals have them done for solely cosmetic purposes. While procedures such as breast and buttock augmentations are simply about looking fabulous, others, such as breast reductions, are often done for an individual’s health and quality of life. For a great many patients, a breast reduction can help ease chronic back pain and, especially for many younger women, it can also prevent too much unwanted attention for a single bodily attribute. Moreover, women with very large breasts may not be able to participate in certain athletic activities and a reduction can provide them with more opportunities to have a more enjoyable and comfortable lifestyle doing all of the things they want to do

 Breast reductions are also not just for women. In fact, gynecomastia, a sometimes hormonal condition involving swelling that occurs in men’s breasts and causes them to appear enlarged, can develop in 30-60% of men. While breast reduction for men is, indeed, a procedure that is considered to be simply cosmetic, it’s obtained not because men are wanting to attract positive attention, but because they are trying to avoid negative attention. Men who have undergone breast reduction surgery have described the experience as downright therapeutic, removing a source of painful embarrassment that, for many men, may go back to their childhood.

However an individual chooses to enhance or alter their appearance, the decision to get a procedure — and the decision whether or not to tell other people about it — should always be up to the individual. 

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