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Choose the Right Weight Loss Surgery for You

It’s a serious decision to obtain weight loss surgery in order to better your health. Beverly Hills Physicians also would like to emphasize that selecting the right procedure for a patient’s situation is equally crucial to their success.

For very many patients, a gastric sleeve is often the most certain course. The procedure has become extremely popular due its highly effective nature and reduction of the hormone that causes hunger. Plus, the procedure can be performed laparoscopically, making it less invasive than some older procedures. However, many patients are attracted to lap band surgery, which is the only reversible weight loss procedure. When a prior surgery is not providing the desired results, revision weight loss surgery, such as lap band revision to gastric sleeve, can help you finally shed the unwanted weight.

Your choice of a medical provider for your procedure is also extremely important. Beverly Hills Physicians pairs patients from all walks of life together with the finest doctors available. Our record of consistently producing outstanding results is unmatched, but that is not the end of the Beverly Hills Physicians difference.

In addition to surgery, we also offer nutritional counseling and psychological support to help patients successfully make the changes they need to make weight loss surgery work in a permanent and healthy fashion. Finally, our consultants are happy to assist with dealing with insurance companies and all associated paperwork. However, some patients still may have financial questions in terms of paying for surgery; our friendly and compassionate consultants are able to arrange a variety of payment options.

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