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Celebrity Cosmetic Foot Surgery: Jennifer Aniston’s story

Check out those bunions on Jennifer Aniston at the French premiere of “The Bounty Hunter” last year. I’ve got to admit that I like Jennifer; she is beautiful and sexy no matter what. Even though the internet is all a buzz with her dating choices and her social life, I think it’s so refreshing to see her in a beautiful dress after years of little black dresses and nude/beige/tan frocks. But one look at her strappy sandals has me gasping ohh no!!! She got ugly bunions and hammertoes.

On this picture which was taken on a night out: the big pumps on the side of her big toes are painful bunions. And the “claw like” deformity on top of her other toes are nothing but hammertoes. Both these problems can be caused by poor fitting shoes. The good news is that they can be fixed by a simple surgical procedure. If procedure is done and performed properly by a cosmetic foot surgeon, there will be minimum down time and a very small and almost invisible scar.

A case for Jennifer Aniston's need for cosmetic foot surgery

Jennifer Aniston's night out

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