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Patients Trust Beverly Hills Physicians with Breast Augmentation Revision Surgeries

Breast augmentation in Beverly Hills is a very popular procedure that usually goes according to plan, with women getting the breasts they always wanted with their first surgery. Unfortunately, not all plastic surgeons have the same success levels, and women may be unsatisfied with cosmetic problems resulting from their breast enlargement surgery. When getting a second breast augmentation to correct the first procedure, it’s important to search for a board-certified plastic surgeon, such as those found at Beverly Hills Physicians.

Breast augmentation revision can be a daunting procedure, especially when you had hoped for a perfect result with your initial procedure. However, Beverly Hills Physicians can help you get the breasts you always wanted by replacing old silicone or saline implants and correct asymmetries or correct visible implants, called a “double bubble” appearance. The first rate surgeons at BHP are highly familiar with the breast anatomy and are able to correct almost any problem that arose from your first procedure so you can be satisfied with your appearance, at last. Our surgeons are among the most skilled anywhere, and particularly for a highly competitive region such as Beverly Hills.

If you have had breast augmentation and you have experienced complications or you are unsatisfied with the cosmetic result, turn to Beverly Hills Physicians for excellent breast augmentation revision. We perform a full range of cosmetic procedures, from breast augmentation to rhinoplasty and mommy makeovers. Contact us today for more information; we’d be delighted to hear from you!

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