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Lap Band Valencia

Lap Band in Valencia

Struggling with excess weight can make even the simplest tasks seem grueling. You may not want to even walk 15 minutes for fear that you’ll feel winded and exhausted by the end, and you may simply feel tired around the clock. If you suffer from obesity-related illnesses such as high blood pressure, heart conditions or sleep apnea, you may have to take multiple medications to manage these conditions. However, you don’t have to live with the hassle and heartache of being obese with the help of Beverly Hills Physicians expert bariatric surgeons at hand.

Beverly Hills Physicians has a multidisciplinary team to help you lose weight, from the expert bariatric surgeons who perform procedures such as lap band surgery, to the aftercare professionals such as nutritionists. We’ll be with you every step of the way as you lose weight, as it takes more than just undergoing surgery to get down to a healthy weight. Our mission at BHP is not only to help you to lose weight, but to maintain health. Our objective is that as you lose weight, you’ll also lose the health conditions which bog you down, whether it’s type 2 diabetes or high cholesterol.

If you’ve considered getting the lap band in Valencia or any other weight loss procedure, don’t just choose any bariatric surgery center. We make sure our patients are well-educated and can decide for themselves which procedure would best suit their needs, whether it’s gastric sleeve surgery or gastric bypass. We offer free educational seminars throughout Southern California, as well as FREE/no-obligation one-one-one consultations at our BHP offices.

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