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Lap Band Inland Empire

There’s no doubt about it, your choice of a bariatric surgeon can have a very significant impact on the results of a bariatric procedure. That’s why so many savvy patients from Southern California and all over the world turn to Beverly Hills Physicians when they decide it’s time to seriously consider weight loss surgery and end their struggles with severe or morbid obesity once and for all.

Our surgeons are some of the finest board certified practitioners working anywhere. Moreover, they are sensitive to the many complexities of weight issues; they are ready to help patients make the decisions they need to in order to throw off the shackles of obesity.

Often that begins with the decision about which type of bariatric procedure a patient wishes to pursue. A lap band surgery is a popular choice these days because it is minimally invasive while also being the only completely reversible and adjustable option. However, many doctors and patients instead opt for the procedure often referred to as a gastric sleeve. This procedure removes approximately 85% of the stomach, but keeps the basic structures intact so that patients are able to enjoy a full range of foods, although in much smaller amounts.

The Beverly Hills Physicians difference does not end there. We provide access to outstanding nutritionists and therapists who specialize in the issues faced by bariatric patients. That way, patients are always provided with the support they need to make a successful transition to a smaller, healthier post-bariatric surgery body.

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