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Gastric Sleeve Valencia

Gastric Sleeve in Valencia

At Beverly Hills Physicians, you’ll find a team that is dedicated to providing the best beauty and wellness solutions – from head to toe. While we’re acclaimed for providing world-class cosmetic surgery, among our proudest achievements are our many incredible weight loss surgery options. For patients who are suffering from obesity or excess weight, gastric sleeve surgery can prove both beneficial for one’s self-confidence, and invaluable for long-term health.

Also known as sleeve gastrectomy, the surgery involves the removal of approximately 85% of the stomach, with the remainder sewn into a sleeve-like shape. While the procedure serves to substantially limit the amount of food one can ingest, it also decreases feelings of hunger – meaning patients don’t just lose weight, but they feel energized and happy while doing it!

One of the most popular procedures for those seeking healthy, sustainable weight loss solutions is our gastric sleeve surgery in Valencia, due its minimally invasive nature. Much like gastric sleeve, the surgery limits the amount that one can eat, leaving a person feeling full before overeating, and leading to healthier habits overall.

When it comes to weight loss that is rapid, healthy and sustainable, where you go matters. That’s why, in Valencia and throughout Southern California, more people are choosing to undergo treatment from our expert specialists at Beverly Hills Physicians. For more information, please call Beverly Hills Physicians at 800-788-1416. Our outstanding doctors and medical staff look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with all of your weight and health issues.

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