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Gastric Sleeve Irvine

For weight loss surgery patients, the prospect of finally being able to get down to a healthy weight and live life free of the burdens of obesity-related illnesses is very exciting. However, for patients who do not lose adequate weight or experience complications, it can be devastating. Fortunately, the expert bariatric surgeons at Beverly Hills Physicians are highly skilled in revision weight loss surgery, and can get patients in the right mind frame to finally achieve lasting success.

A particularly attractive option for patients undergoing revision weight loss procedures at Beverly Hills Physicians is sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Gastric sleeve is not like lap band where the stomach is constricted by an adjustable gastric band that wraps around the uppermost part of the stomach. Perfectly compatible with the altered digestive system of a patient who previously had gastric bypass patients feel fuller after eating very small meals. The smaller stomach pouch helps patients control their cravings so they can focus on other things in life without hunger controlling them.

Some patients coming to Beverly Hills Physicians find gastric sleeve a more fitting option for their secondary weight loss procedure. By having gastric sleeve in Irvine, patients have about 80% of their stomach removed, while the remaining portion resembles a small sleeve, hence the name. Another reason patients do not feel hunger pangs as often is because the hormone which causes hunger is removed with the large portion of the stomach.

To learn more about revision weight loss surgery and to determine whether you are a good candidate, contact Beverly Hills Physicians today!

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