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Caitlyn Jenner’s Story is a Reminder to Embrace Your Ideal You

After Caitlyn Jenner revealed herself to the world at the start of June, Women’s Health Magazine published an article on June 2nd showing that most media outlets and public figures have been largely supportive of both the new look and the courageous decision to pursue an identity matching what she feels on the inside. Here at BHP, we are one of those supportive voices. It takes true courage to undergo any cosmetic procedure whose results will be readily visible to the public, or simply to family and friends.

Although many people have an inner desire to have certain cosmetic work done, they are afraid of what others may think of the results, or just of the decision itself to undergo a procedure. We want to make it clear that the preconceived ideas of others should never get in the way of a patient’s happiness in the pursuit of their beauty goals. Here are several tips that may help patients find the courage to pursue whatever procedure they want for themselves:

  1. “Do Your Research” – Whether patients want to have breast augmentation surgery or a less demanding procedure like Botox, it is important that they do ample research to understand the risks and the benefits associated with each procedure. For this, the Internet is an invaluable resource where patients can find stories as well as before and after pictures from other patients to get comfortable with the idea of the process.
  2. “Get a Consultation” – The reason we offer complimentary consultations for plastic surgery procedures is that no one should be discouraged from pursuing a procedure by anything, including costs. We feel that not charging for consultations allows patients to learn more about their desired procedure without feeling financially pressured. Most reputable plastic surgery centers share this policy and the rationale behind it.
  3. “Be Proactive About Sharing” – Some people shy away from a procedure because they aren’t sure how people will react when they see them again looking different, however slight of a change it may be. Most of our patients find that their friends and family respond positively to their new look, however, being pleasantly surprised may be perceived by even mildly self-conscious patients as general shock. It can’t hurt to let the people close to you know that you’ve made the decision to have a procedure done so that they can support you and be in the know throughout the whole process.”
  4. “Remember That What You Think is Most Important” – Most importantly, BHP wants patients to remember that, like Caitlyn, whatever one feels about their appearance on the inside is more important than anyone else’s opinion.

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