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Persistent foot injuries can wreck even the most small scale sports games; fix your feet with Beverly Hill’s Physicians’ full-scale podiatry treatments

Fall might be NFL football season, but it also marks an increase in local sports activity as well. Whether local athletes are playing for their schools, recreational leagues, or simply helping to train their children through their first sports teams, it’s important that they are able to give it their all. Foot injuries, which account for as much as 15 percent of sports-related injuries, can be the most debilitating of all. Beverly Hills Physicians offers a wide-range of corrective procedures, such as bunion and hammertoe surgery, that can get those in pain from off the couch to starring in their own games.

Beverly Hills Physicians knows that athletes who train at a high level are accustomed to running, jumping and repetitive movements required of their sport, all which can create tremendous stress on the feet. In fact, feet can absorb as much as 20 times the individual’s body weight. Improper footwear that needed for particular sports can also lead to bunions, a common foot condition which can cause pain in the great big toe joint with further activity, a particularly troublesome activity for professional and recreational athletes alike.

The first line of defense against bunions is wearing proper footwear, says Beverly Hills Physicians, which typically means shoes with a wide and high toe box to accommodate the enlarged great toe joint. If it’s too late to prevent highly-advanced bunions, then surgical intervention may be required. A bunion removal operation—as well as a wide range of podiatric procedures from cosmetic toe shortening to hammertoe correction surgery—can all be performed on an outpatient basis at Beverly Hills Physicians.

Patients have lauded Beverly Hills Physicians podiatrists for understanding their concerns regarding their high level of activity while helping them to obtain the correct treatment that will help them get back on their feet as soon as possible. Moreover, the doctors at BHP always opt for conservative treatment methods, preferring to attempt non-invasive methods, like physical therapy, medication, and plaster casts, to jumping directly to surgery that might not be necessary. That being said, the podiatrists at Beverly Hills Physicians are fully capable of performing even the most difficult foot surgeries, including treatments for Achilles tendon, ankle injuries, bone spurs, corns and calluses, heel disorders, ingrown toe nails, and much more. They can also quickly—and with minimal down time—address cosmetic foot and toe concerns.

At Beverly Hills Physicians, podiatry patients, as well as anyone else seeking optimal health and aesthetic beauty are provided access to surgical facilities that are fully accredited by the American Association of Ambulatory Healthcare. Furthermore, patients experience the difference of treatment with the type of state-of-the-art instruments many have come to expect from one of California’s largest networks of beauty and health care providers.

To learn more about the world-class podiatrists at Beverly Hills Physicians, their qualifications, and life-changing before and after pictures, call the office at 800-670-3602. Questions about procedures and setting up a free consultation can also be submitted online by going to

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