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Bunion Surgery to Alleviate Physical and Social Discomfort

Bunion Surgery to Alleviate Physical and Social Discomfort

Feeling beautiful is an extremely important part of feeling confident and being ready to go out every morning to take on the day. We at Beverly Hills Physicians know that the biggest roadblock to confidence is a problem that causes both physical and social discomfort, and bunions are one of those problems. Not only can a bunion be painful and limit your mobility, but it can also limit your ability to feel confident when being seen barefoot or in the latest fashionable footwear.

While custom made foot orthotics can do a good job in limiting the growth or progression of an existing bunion, electing to get bunion surgery from one of our highly-trained podiatrists is the only way to truly restore your feet to a place where you’ll feel happy, comfortable, and no longer burdened by constant pain and embarrassment.

Unlike many medical conditions that are invisible to all those other than the patient, podiatric problems can compound physical pain with the pain of feeling embarrassed or ashamed about the way the world looks at your feet. Another common problem is the occurrence of a long toe, which can press up against the front of you shoe, causing pain and the eventual formation of a hook toe. Our Toe Shortening procedure can alleviate the problems patients experience as a result of a single elongated toe.

Whether you are suffering from one of these conditions or any number of cosmetic or painful foot problems, you can be assured the Beverly Hills Physicians will provide you with the best podiatrist Los Angeles has to offer.

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