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Breast Cancer Recurrence and Weight Loss

A new trial that is set to be launched this summer will study the link between preventing breast cancer recurrence and weight loss, according to an article published on The Guardian. The study aims to establish whether weight loss combined with exercise is significant in decreasing the chances for women to be at risk for recurring breast cancer diagnosis.

Studies like the Yale University trial point towards the reality that weight management is crucial for avoiding a great many life-threatening diseases. The reality is that undergoing weight loss surgery provides an array of health benefits for patients.

  • Mobility – One of the many reasons individuals decide to undergo weight loss surgery is due to their physical inability to participate in daily activities. Excess weight can lead to arthritis, sleep apnea, asthma, gout and other diseases that can disrupt functional mobility in day-to-day life. With procedures like sleeve gastrectomy or Lap-Band, weight loss specialists help patients lose the weight which can greatly increase the pain associated with such conditions as arthritis. Many patients have had to give up favorite activities because of conditions associated with their weight and may be hoping to achieve a more active lifestyle after losing weight; undergoing weight loss surgery makes it easier for patients to do so.
  • Life expectancy – Obesity is known to cause a variety of diseases that shorten the life span of nearly everyone who suffers from it. Indeed, medical experts agree that such conditions as heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer on top of their weight issues drastically decreases the chances for an individual to live a long and healthy life. Bariatric surgery procedures such as gastric sleeve and Lap-Band have been proven to help patients with a great many other ongoing and future health complications.

Confidence – Patients who opt for weight loss surgery do so not only for health reasons but to also feel good about themselves. Low self-esteem can often keep individuals from feeling happy and, for a patient determined to lose weight, mental well-being is just as important as physical health. The bariatric surgery procedures we offer are performed using the latest, minimally invasive techniques, which reduces scarring and only adds on to the new sense of confidence experienced by a patient. For patients who may have cosmetic issues following a weight loss, our BHP plastic surgery team is also available to provide support.


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