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Breast Cancer Awareness Month Means Giving Back at Beverly Hills Physicians

For National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Beverly Hills Physicians staff and community are giving back. A portion of all breast surgery proceeds out of Beverly Hills Physicians during the month of October will go to a cause that benefits breast cancer awareness and screenings. Through these contributions, Beverly Hills Physicians hopes to join in with the national effort to detect cancer in its earliest form and to ease the burden and physical toll of cancer treatment.

Additionally, in honor of breast cancer and domestic violence awareness, Beverly Hills Physicians will be partnering with The Bra Recyclers. The program collects new and gently used bras to be donated to women in need, including survivors of breast cancer and domestic violence. All sizes and styles of bras will be accepted. To contribute, simply drop off your bras at one of Beverly Hills Physicians locations in Beverly Hills, Encino, Carson, Thousand Oaks, or Rancho Cucamonga.

The Beverly Hills Physicians clientele believes in living life to its fullest. Part of this involves giving back to the community at large so that every person can live their best life. It’s no surprise, then, that BHP’s community of patients has continued to be incredibly giving during every charitable campaign the company launches. This year, Beverly Hills Physicians expects an equally great turnout for the Bra Recyclers program. After all, these patients know that a great, well-fitted bra can help give any woman the confidence she could desperately need following a turbulent period in her life.

Breast cancer treatment is a significant and relevant cause for the network of top surgeons in Southern California. As experts in the plastic surgery field, Beverly Hills Physicians regularly helps women feel great about their bodies. Time and time again, the company sees how a cosmetic procedure—especially in the case of breast implants—goes a long way in restoring a woman’s self-confidence and, as a result, her overall mental and physical health. While choosing an elective breast augmentation with Beverly Hills Physicians is by no means equivalent to a breast reconstruction following cancer, the medical network and their patients understand that feeling beautiful and secure in one’s body is necessary for living a fulfilling life.

In fact, the Beverly Hills Physicians team believes breast reconstruction has a major effect on a woman’s recovery process. After a mentally and physically demanding cancer treatment process, breast reconstruction can make a woman feel like her ordinary self again, feminine, and sexy. This return to normalcy allows a woman to continue on with her life as a survivor and beacon of strength. Beverly Hills Physicians hopes that, through its charitable efforts, they can make this process at least a little bit easier and less stressful for those women going through breast cancer treatment and reconstruction surgery.

To learn more about how you can help Beverly Hills Physicians with their work this National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, please speak with a BHP consultant by calling 800-670-3602.


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