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Breast Augmentation is Safer than Ever

According to an article answering a patient question published recently on the Orland Sentinel, medical experts agree that breast augmentation is safer than ever. The article explains that, since the early 1990s, no medical device has been subjected to the level of scrutiny that breast implants have, and that studies performed by clinics such as Mayo that involved millions of women failed to find any relationship between breast implants and illnesses such as cancer. It’s true that breast implants and breast augmentation procedures safely and effectively help countless women around the world improve the size and appearance of their breasts, and that patients generally feel and look better than ever. 

Breast augmentation procedures and their associated risks and benefits have been well documented by the medical community for years. Furthermore, advances in medical technology have led to improvements in plastic surgery that help a great many women attain results that are well tailored to their appearance. Today’s breast implants come in three types – silicone, liquid filled saline, and the firm, yet pliable “gummy bear” variety, and each has been safely utilized in countless procedures to help a great many women look their very best. Because every woman is unique, and each has her own needs and desires when it comes to improving her body, our expert surgical team can help patients determine the best type of implant and size.

In addition, we do a few other procedures they routinely perform to help women improve their busts:

  •  Breast reduction – Although breast augmentation is often sought out by women to improve the size and shape of their bosoms, many women find that unusually large breasts can be uncomfortable or seem out of proportion with the rest of their bodies. Breast reduction can help many a woman avoid unwanted attention and, among other physical issues, back problems. Additionally, the procedure is popular among men who wish to reduce the effects of gynecomastia, a hormone-influenced condition that results in swollen male breasts.   
  •  Breast augmentation revision – Our highly experienced surgeons are among the best doctors in their field, and are vastly skilled when it comes to correcting post-operative issues. Occasionally, patients who have obtained a breast augmentation at other plastic surgery centers have found problems with their breasts seeming uneven in shape or size. While such issues do occur, they can be easily dealt with, thanks to our exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced medical team.  
  •  Breast lifts – Some women, especially those who have gone through childbirth, experience a gradual loss of elasticity in the breast tissue. Also known as mastopexy, a breast lift is a procedure for women who want to improve their breast shape or raise them to correct sagging. It can also be performed in conjunction with an augmentation to add volume and firmness to the bosom.


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