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Breast Augmentation in Beverly Hills, Post-Weight Loss

Breast Augmentation in Beverly Hills, Post-Weight Loss

When you have lost a lot of weight, thanks to a combination of bariatric surgery, diet, and exercise, you should be proud of yourself for working hard and getting healthy. However, some areas in your body may not keep up with your dramatic transformation. People who have struggled with obesity, and who have then successfully lost hundreds of pounds, may find that their bodies still have problem areas that can lower self-esteem. Beverly Hills Physicians wants your hard work and health reflected back to you in the mirror, which is why we offer procedures like tummy tuck with Beverly Hills cosmetic specialists who are unparalleled.

After dramatic weight loss, one of the most common procedures our patients ask for is liposuction at Beverly Hills Physicians. This makes sense, since your overall body weight can change, but the changes can reveal troublesome areas where fat deposits refuse to budge. You may maintain some fatty areas around your arms, stomach, thighs, hips, calves, even ankles or face. Liposuction is not a substitute for weight loss, but the procedure can help enhance the changes you have made to your health overall by enhancing your silhouette. With small enhancements from our leading cosmetic experts, your inner health will be reflected in your outward appearance.

Another procedure often requested, whether post-weight loss or for other reasons, is breast augmentation with Beverly Hills specialists. Losing weight can lead to sagging breasts, or changes to the skin around the bust area. A breast augmentation brings your bust up to speed with the rest of your body. If you’re a woman who’s lost a lot of weight, it’s a procedure you just might deserve!

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