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Boost Your Confidence Along with Your Cup Size

Boost Your Confidence Along with Your Cup Size

The BHP medical network has a reputation for providing health, beauty and wellness solutions from head to toe. Its plastic surgery team is particularly well-known throughout Southern California for producing desirable results for the many procedures offered. Women, specifically, laud the plastic surgery procedures from Beverly Hills Physicians, such as a mommy makeover or breast augmentation. These very personal procedures help a woman feel more feminine and beautiful, and it’s no wonder breast augmentation is the number one most commonly requested cosmetic procedures. Breast surgery such as augmentation, lift or reconstruction is routinely performed by the board-certified specialists at BHP. The plastic surgery before and after results for breast surgery are incredible, showing just how amazing the outcome can be.

Breast augmentation with BHP is part patient-education, as many patients have no idea whether they’d prefer silicone or saline, or they come in unaware of their choices for incision placement. These are important considerations, as well as the ever important question of what size is best. While your surgeon won’t pressure you one way or another, he or she will be able to make recommendations for which size would look best for your frame size and proportions. Keep in mind, too, though, that the most common reason a woman has a second breast surgery is because she wishes she had gone bigger the first time around. This will make the decision much easier, so you don’t need to go through another surgery for reconstruction.

To learn more about breast surgery with BHP, simply browse our user-friendly website or call today for a FREE plastic surgery consultation.

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