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Bonding over Beauty: The Rising Trend of Mother-Daughter Cosmetic Surgery

Though it may seem unusual at first, Beverly Hills Physicians has seen many mother-daughter pairs seek out plastic surgery together

Cosmetic surgery can be an empowering experience for women who want to bolster their self-esteem. One key component to better results and recovery is having a strong support system. A recent twist on this idea is mother-daughter plastic surgery. After all, there’s strength in numbers, and with mom cheering you on throughout the journey to a new and improved you, plastic surgery can be less daunting. Of course, there’s no reason why a prospective patient should be deterred from having plastic surgery in Beverly Hills as a solo journey. However, the team at Beverly Hills Physicians understands mother-daughter pairs who choose to undergo self-improvement together.

When a mother and daughter decide to come in for a plastic surgery consultation with Beverly Hills Physicians, they’ve made a choice that will not only change their bodies, but it will strengthen the bond of their relationship. Whether that means the daughter opts for a breast augmentation while mom chooses a breast lift; Beverly Hills Physicians’ team of board-certified surgeons will skillfully meet the requests of both with excellent surgical skill. Although it may seem unusual for a mother and daughter to come in for a joint consultation, it’s not rare for a patient to seek out a partner when undergoing plastic surgery. In fact, the American Academy of Facial, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery previously reported a significant rise in the trend of plastic surgery in pairs, which includes mothers and daughters.

Sometimes special occasions where many photographs will be taken, most often a wedding, will inspire a mother-daughter pair to consider plastic surgery. Alternatively, there might not be a special event on the horizon, yet mother and daughter decide it’s time to make a change to their bodies. After all, a mother and daughter share genes and might share the same source of self-consciousness, whether it’s a nose they’d like to correct through rhinoplasty or an inherited trait like puffy eyelids. An added benefit of mother-daughter plastic surgery is also that the doctor can coordinate their procedures, ensuring that a resemblance carries through the operations. No matter their reason for cosmetic surgery, Beverly Hills Physicians promises a smooth journey to the new and improved look that mother and daughter both seek. 

Beverly Hills Physicians routinely provides exemplary patient care, with state-of-the-art equipment that aim to bolster health, wellness and beauty. Known for excellent outcomes in plastic surgery, the doctors at Beverly Hills Physicians have varying specialties that can address face, body, breasts and more. If you’d like your mother or daughter at your side during cosmetic surgery, then there’s no reason to delay making a FREE first appointment with Beverly Hills Physicians. For further information, visit their website at www.BeverlyHillsPhysicians.com to fill out a consultation form, or call 800-788-1416.

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