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Body Contouring Makes All the Difference After Extensive or Rapid Weight Loss

Body Contouring Makes All the Difference After Extensive or Rapid Weight Loss

Rapid weight loss may leave the skin loose and not as supple as it once was, leaving the individual feeling badly about their body once again. Even those women who give birth to particularly large babies may experience very loose skin around the abdomen and flanks (commonly called “love handles”). Beverly Hills Physicians is proud to offer post-bariatric surgery body contouring, as well, for patients who may lose in excess of 100 pounds of excess fat very rapidly. For these and other individuals with loose skin around the body, a body lift procedure is often appropriate and recommended.

The plastic surgery procedures offered by Beverly Hills Physicians are utilized to help a person get the face, breasts or body that they’ve always wanted but never thought possible without going under the knife. The best part about a body lift or tummy tuck at Beverly Hills Physicians is the fact that loose skin will no longer pester you as you go about your daily life. Some women even have to tuck their loose abdominal skin into their pants because it is so excessive. What’s more, when this excess skin is properly removed through a tummy tuck, she will likely go down several dress sizes and be able to fit into a wider variety of clothing and overall, feel much more comfortable and at ease with her shape.

To learn more about how a body lift or tummy tuck would benefit you, please contact Beverly Hills Physicians today at (800) 788-1416 to set up your FREE, no-obligation consultation. We look forward to helping you get the body you want!

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