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Body Contouring After Weight Loss Surgery

Many individuals choose weight loss surgery as a solution to their weight issues, including overweightedness and obesity, which can lead to serious health issues like heart disease. Although often a finalizing procedure, some individuals who drop a lot of weight quickly through this type of surgery or through other methods of rapid weight loss find that the elasticity of their skin doesn’t keep up with the drastic reduction in their body size. Unlike in slower or more minor weight loss, this excess skin does not reduce in size and can cause extreme self-consciousness—which is the opposite of what someone should experience in their new, healthier body. However, patients may choose to surgically alter or remove this excess skin, tightening up their sleeker physiques. Fortunately, there are many body contouring options to help individuals achieve a total body solution.

These options include:

  • Body lifts
  • Thigh lifts
  • Tummy tucks
  • Arm lift procedures
  • Breast lifts and breast reductions

After a weight loss surgery, patients may find that there are areas throughout the body where the skin is sagging. To manage this issue, a body lift is often the most beneficial procedure. A full body lift shapes and tones the abdomen, legs, arms, thighs, and buttocks. During this procedure, the excess skin in these areas is tightened and removed. Any loose skin or cellulite in these areas of the body is altered to leave the body free of unsightly skin wrinkles and pouches.

For those individuals who find their excess skin is centralized in the lower abdominal area—leaving a hanging pouch over the genital area—panniculectomy surgery is the perfect solution. This procedure removes excess skin in the lower region of the abdomen, differing slightly from a tummy which focuses on removing skin and fat, while tightening abdomen muscles.

A brachioplasty procedure is used on patients that have excess arm skin, a common issue for women as they age. This ‘chicken wing’ effect can be resolved with excess skin removal. Any extra fat in the area is removed as well as extra skin, leaving the arm area tighter and more defined without the unsightly sagging skin. Those who were uncomfortable wearing tank tops and sleeveless styles can re-explore fashions that had previously been lost to them.

A breast lift or breast reduction is sometimes necessary after a person has lost an excessive amount of weight due to surgery. Since the breasts are an area where extra fat is stored, many weight loss surgery patients find that after surgery their breasts lose some of their shape and firmness. For these individuals, a breast lift can help them restore the sexy, feminine shape and appearance of their breasts. This procedure can lift the breast to a higher position and contour the area for a more pleasing look and feel.

A thigh lift is indicated for those individuals who have excess skin in the thigh area after undergoing weight loss surgery. This procedure can be performed on the outer or inner sections of the thighs to remove excess skin. A thigh lift leaves this area defined, tightened and contoured. A thigh lift can provide the confidence to wear shorts or bathing suits that may have been lacking due to sagging skin and a low self-image.

With the right insurance, many patients can acquire assistance with these types of surgeries. Many PPO insurance companies will help individuals pay for body contouring surgeries if clients can prove that the surgery was medically indicated. Medical indications for these types of surgeries include documented skin issues as a result of this excess, such as infections, rashes, and other discomfort. Most plans have clear cut guidelines that must be met, but can potentially assist those seeking body contouring surgery.

Weight loss surgery can help individuals live better lives. Post-surgical body contouring can complete the final step of this transformation and reveal a healthier self-image, as well as increased overall health and well-being. Keep in mind; these solutions are not limited to individuals undergoing weight loss surgery. Many people find that as they age, their skin loses elasticity and areas of the body begin to show signs of sagging. Body contouring can reinstate a younger appearance and remove the extra skin that can cause health issues and self-consciousness.


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