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BHP Excels at Bariatric Revision Surgery

BHP Excels at Bariatric Revision Surgery

For years, Beverly Hills Physicians has had a stellar reputation as one of the area’s leading facilities for various cosmetic and medical procedures. Weight loss surgery is one of these specialties, and, because of the life-changing results that our bariatric patients experience, it is arguably one of our most important services. Losing weight after bariatric surgery not only gives patients a boost in confidence, but it also allows them to participate in a healthy lifestyle and add years to their life by getting rid of many of the negative health effects of obesity.

In addition to being incredibly skilled at performing surgery for first time patients, our surgeons are also experts when it comes to Lap Band revision to gastric sleeve. No one bariatric procedure is right for every patient, so some Lap Band patients find that they would be better suited to a gastric sleeve after they have spent some time with a Lap Band. Because Lap Bands are entirely reversible, revision surgery is a great option for patients who want to avoid any complications that may arise from a Lap Band, or simply want to lose weight quicker. Gastric sleeve patients are shown to lose weight at an accelerated rate compared to Lap Band patients, so it is a more popular option for morbidly obese patients who need to lose weight as quickly as possible for health reasons. Again, it is important to note that no procedure is perfect for every patient, but patients should remember that the first procedure that they go with does not necessarily have to be the only one they try.

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