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BHP Can Give You a Healthier Life

BHP Can Give You a Healthier Life

Is your severe obesity creating health issues? Are you having trouble with your mobility? Has your confidence dropped? If any of this sounds familiar, your best option might be weight loss surgery. Beverly Hills Physicians is the best resource for procedures like Lap Band and sleeve gastrectomy in Los Angeles. We have offices all over Southern California, each staffed with the top professionals in the industry, from talented, experienced surgeons to wellness experts who dedicate their lives to helping people achieve their beauty goals.

Weight loss surgery can lead to a healthier life for those who struggle with diet and exercise. It boosts your ability to lose weight in a healthy and manageable way. It’s not by itself a cure for obesity; you’ll still need to put work in. However, if you’ve had trouble losing weight in the past these procedures can change everything for you. People who have gotten gastric sleeve have seen a drop in their feelings of hunger because of the removal of the hunger-producing hormone. Lap Band is a reversible procedure that features a band placed around the stomach to make you feel full faster. The decision about what procedure to have should be discussed with your BHP surgeon.

From bariatric surgeries to innovative non-surgical procedures like the gastric balloon, Beverly Hills Physicians is dedicated to helping to lose weight in the way that’s right for you. At a free consultation, we can discuss your options and discover which procedure fits best with your situation. Call today to get started at one of our locations.


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