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Beyond Beauty: The Life Saving Effects of Bariatric Surgery

The desire for a thin physique is dominant in our society, and women, as well as men, all seem to crave that ideal swimsuit body on TV and in magazines. It should come as no surprise then that the weight loss industry, including diet books, drugs, and diet foods, raked in more than $20 billion last year, according to ABC news. Though a slim appearance is one most people strive toward, the reasons for a pursuit of a healthy weight is not always primarily cosmetic. The high quality bariatric procedures performed by our expert doctors at Beverly Hills Physicians not only help severely obese patients reach a normal weight for a better looking body, but—more importantly—go a long way toward improving the quality and length of their lives.

Many people nevertheless view obesity as a cosmetic issue. It’s easy to focus on the social stigma associated with being overweight, and plenty of weight loss programs discuss the benefits to self-esteem and self-confidence that come with losing weight. These benefits can’t be denied, and feeling good about one’s body is certainly important, however when it comes to severe obesity, the health benefits of weight loss are far more important. A severely obese individual is at a much greater risk to suffer from a heart attack or a stroke, and is much more likely to develop diabetes or even cancer. In addition, the average person who is severely obese has a life span that is up to 20 years shorter than a peer of a normal weight.

To make matters worse, traditional methods of weight loss like diet and exercise, which can be very effective for someone who needs to lose 10, 20, or 30 pounds, are all but completely ineffective for severely obese individuals 99% of the time. Fortunately, safe and effective bariatric surgeries have been proven to provide long lasting results. These results are important because they consistently bring weight down and keep it there. Also, approaching a healthy weight drastically reduces the chances of developing the life threatening diseases that are associated with severe obesity. Reaching a healthy weight can even alleviate some issues entirely, as recent studies have shown that successful bariatric procedures have resulted in some patients with type II diabetes actually going into remission.

Though bariatric surgery is proven to be safe and effective, who you go to for these procedures matters. Our team at Beverly Hills Physicians consists of some of the finest surgeons, specialists, and medical staff available. If you or someone you care about is suffering from severe obesity and ready to experience a healthier lifestyle, we’re ready to help.

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