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Beverly Hills Physicians Provides Effective Gastric Sleeve Surgery

With multiple locations, Beverly Hills Physicians brings the best care to patients throughout Southern California. For those suffering from obesity or excess weight, the efforts and skill of BHP surgeons can prove particularly effective towards creating a life of health, wellness and fulfillment.

Lap band surgery is a popular weight loss surgery solution due to its minimally invasive and entirely reversible nature. During the procedure, a gastric band is placed around the upper part of the stomach, creating a small pocket that fills up as you eat – sending a message to your brain that you’ve had your fill. Another benefit of the procedure is that our skilled surgeons are able to properly adjust the band to ensure comfort and effectiveness of the procedure.

For those whose weight issues are more pronounced, gastric sleeve is often found to be the ideal solution. Frequently, the procedure leads to dramatic, safe weight loss that also allows patients to feel good while losing weight.

When it comes to weight loss, where you go matters – a fact that many individuals learn after experiencing less-than-satisfactory results from a lesser surgeon at a different facility. Fortunately, at BHP, we provide revision weight loss surgery for this very issue. Our surgeons are committed to not only performing the best surgery possible, but to helping patients make the important lifestyle changes that lead to permanent weight loss.

If you’re seeking the ideal weight loss solution, contact Beverly Hills Physicians today. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring you achieve the health and wellness goals that lead to a contented and joy-filled life.

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