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Beverly Hills Physicians is Ideal for Weight Loss Revision Surgery

At Beverly Hills Physicians, you’ll find a team of top health and wellness professionals expert in performing surgeries such as gastric sleeve, among other weight loss procedures. The gastric sleeve surgery, also known as sleeve gastrectomy, is rapidly becoming the most widely obtained weight loss surgery due to its minimally invasive nature and extreme effectiveness. As performed by our health professionals, the procedure begins with the removal of 85% of the stomach, with the remainder sewn into a sleeve-like shape.

For patients seeking a weight-loss solution that is both minimally invasive and entirely reversible, lap band surgery is often the best possible option. During lap band, a gastric band creates a small pocket that fills up as you eat, sending a message to your brain that you’ve had your fill. As BHP patients lose weight, our skilled surgeons can even adjust their gastric band to ensure comfort and effectiveness during the procedure.

Where you go for weight loss surgery matters. Fortunately for our loyal patients, BHP’s board-certified doctors have years of experience behind them, and today they excel at achieving the most desirable results for those who are suffering from excessive weight or obesity. That’s why we’re so commonly trusted to perform the most delicate revision weight loss surgery, a truly exceptional method of ensuring a patient’s health in the event that a previous weight loss procedure, often undergone at a lesser medical organization, is unsuccessful.

If you’re considering revision weight loss procedures, or you’re looking to undergo weight loss treatment for the first time, contact BHP today. We’re always eager to assist you, regardless of financial constraints, and we take great joy in assisting our patients in achieving their health and wellness goals.

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