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Before-and-After Photos and Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

According to a recent article published by The Washingtonian, there are a number of things, including the before-and-after pictures presented by plastic surgeons, that patients should scrutinize prior to choosing a surgeon to perform their desired procedure. In addition, the article notes that potential patients should consider surgeon accreditations and referrals from friends and family as helpful tools when picking out a surgeon. All three of these tips are incredibly helpful for determining the best surgeon for each patient.

Here at BHP, we do everything we can to provide patients with access to this vital information in regards to before and after pictures, surgeon accreditations, and patient testimonials.

  • Before and After Pictures – These pictures are perhaps the quickest and most direct method of seeing what results a particular surgeon or medical group is capable of producing. The Washingtonian article notes, however, that before-and-after pictures are taken under certain circumstances to properly convey the true results. In addition to taking the pictures in a consistent setting, BHP’s approach is to take photos from many different angles to ensure full transparency about the results. Because we have many different surgeons working in our group, we are also careful to denote which before-and-after pictures resulted from the work of which individual surgeon
  • Surgeon Accreditations – The article’s suggestion to pay attention to surgeon accreditation is also spot on. There are a variety of different organizations that give out accreditations, and certain surgeons may choose to pursue recognition from one rather than another, so it is not always the easiest to see which organization recognizes which surgeons. For our patients’ convenience, we have a designated doctor’s page to help patients find the right surgeon specializing in the procedure that they are looking for.
  • Former Patient Testimonials – While getting recommendations from family and friends is often a great way to find the right surgeon, not everyone knows someone else who has already gone through the specific procedure they are considering. Fortunately, the Internet has made it much easier for patients to have access to former patients’ testimonials and reviews.


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