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Beach Days are Here

Not surprisingly, as the weather warms up, our team at Beverly Hills Physicians starts to hear more from prospective patients about procedures impacting how they look wearing swimsuits. The reasons are obvious. Societal norms dictate that, ever here in sunny Los Angeles, most of us spend most of our time more or less fully clothed. Even gyms routinely demand that customers wear shirts in the workout area. However, when the warm weather arrives, beach and pool season begins and we as a culture not only allow people to be much more scantily clad than elsewhere, in many cases there is at least some social pressure for women and, increasingly, men, to show off a bit. Since few of us arrive at an ideal beach body naturally, especially once we’re past a particular age, this leads to nervousness and additional interest around such procedures as liposuction, tummy tucks, breast augmentations, breast reductions for women and men, buttock augmentation, arm lifts, and mores.

It’s only natural to want to look one’s best in any situation and a lot of people feel pretty exposed when wearing swimming clothes. Whether it’s a skimpy bikini, a modest but skin-tight one-piece or standard swim trunks for men, most of us are not used to showing that much of ourselves. While men have traditionally been under less pressure to look like models, they too are vulnerable to self-consciousness if they feel their appearance is south of the norm, or even if they just feel their physique could be improved. Somewhat more seriously, the condition called gynecomastia, which results in unusually large male breasts, has always caused some amount of humiliation for younger men (often caused by other young men). However, in an era when male physical beauty is increasingly expected, swimming-related social activities can be extremely difficulty men with this condition. It’s no wonder that male breast reduction procedures have become particularly popular.

Whatever treatments people get to improve their beach bodies, or if they don’t do anything at all, it’s important to be realistic and to keep things in perspective. For surgeries in particular, getting a surgery and the recovery takes time and it might not be possible to get the full benefit of a procedure this summer, because of the time required for recovery from many procedures. Nevertheless, there really is a great deal that can be done to improve most patients’ beach bodies. 

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