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Be Confident In Your Appearance

Be Confident In Your Appearance

You may not know it, but about one million men per year undergo some time of plastic surgery or nonsurgical aesthetic treatment. The reason behind these choices ranges from post-accident recovery to remove scar tissue, to simple appearance-enhancing treatments that help men regain confidence that they look as healthy as they feel. Beverly Hills Physicians offers one of the largest networks of weight loss and cosmetic surgeons in California, so you know you can get great cosmetic options, from Botox treatments to liposuction for men to even calf and thigh implants, close to home.

For many patients, both men and women, accidents or previous surgeries leave scar tissue that can feel embarrassing or unsightly. Active boys often fall and break bones, and many men broke their noses as children or teenagers while riding bikes or playing sports. These men often feel that their noses have been left crooked or too large, because broked noses are difficult to set. Male rhinoplasty can help these men by correcting old facial injuries on and around the nose. We also perform these procedures to smooth out other types of protrusions that men feel are unsightly.

As we all age, our skin loses some elasticity, which can lead to sagging and wrinkles. Some crow’s feet and smile lines can certainly look dignified, since wisdom comes with age; however, sometimes these areas become unsightly, and perhaps make you look intimidating or unhappy. Beverly Hills Physicians offers several options to remove wrinkles, from nonsurgical laser treatments or injections like Botox, to more permanent surgical procedures like facelifts for men. We offer a free consultation so you can get to know us better, and ask any questions. You can also check out our online gallery to see our skills at work.

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