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Bariatric Surgery from Beverly Hills Physicians Goes Mainstream

Public acceptance has turned bariatric surgery into one of the primary weapons in the war on obesity.

Dr. Misra and the rest of the surgeons at Beverly Hills Physicians are proud to have seen permanent weight loss turn into a priority for so many Americans in the past few years. Her expertise in performing gastric sleeve surgery, and other such procedures, has brought her into close proximity with patients who needed a major change in order to get their lives on track. But understanding how the LAP band and gastric bypass procedures factor into a larger weight loss plan can help patients make a decision about whether to get surgery.

Bariatric surgery has grown by leaps and bounds over the years; the board certified surgeons at Beverly Hills Physicians have evolved with it. The dire sounding “stomach stapling” procedures of the late 20th century have receded into memory, and now, surgeries that modify the digestive system in order to compensate for a propensity for obesity are much safer, less painful, and easier to live with. In short, bariatric surgery has become an option that America accepts, and most likely you know someone who has had one of these procedures.

Americans have awakened to the idea that dieting and exercise are necessary to lead a happy life. At the same time, they’ve begun to fully accept that weight loss surgery is a perfectly acceptable tool to help achieve life-saving diet and exercise goals. After all, the formula for weight loss would appear simple if written out as a math problem – simply eat less than X calories, where X is the number of calories you burn in a day, and you will lose weight. But caloric intake and caloric burning are complex concepts, and people battling their weight are all-too familiar with the first result of eating less.

The overarching goal of any overweight person is to find a weight that is sustainable and realistic—not just to be skinny. American society has, in the very recent past, begun to turn its attention away from the beanpole body type as an ideal, and at the same time, much of the country has gotten real about the prospect of living their whole lives while uncomfortably, or unhealthily, overweight. Consequently, the idea of crash dieting for a summer look is on the decline, and devising a solution for long term weight management is on the increase.

Bariatric surgery can help. Your slowing metabolism can be jump started with exercise, but surgery helps on the other side of the equation. A smaller stomach means your body feels less hungry, which keeps your metabolism moving quickly. When combined with exercise in order to speed up your metabolic processes even more, you’ll be burning calories left and right. The results will come quickly, of course. However, because of the dedicated team of Beverly Hills Physicians—including dieticians and approachable doctors—the weight loss achieved from a bariatric procedure will stay off for as long as the patient is willing to work for it.

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