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Balloon Weight Loss Success Can Be Yours

Balloon Weight Loss Success Can Be Yours

If you are obese, you have probably investigated bariatric surgery to lose weight quickly and safely. However, typically people who have a body mass index less than 40 do not qualify for these options, unless their BMI is 35 and they suffer comorbid illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. However, if your BMI is between 30 and 40 and you are healthy (but still at greater risk of developing joint pain, depression, and type 2 diabetes) you still ought to lose weight. Thankfully, a new technique called the ORBERA balloon weight loss system has been developed to help people who are obese, but do not qualify for other surgical bariatric procedures, and Beverly Hills Physicians is proud to offer this option.

When you make an appointment with Beverly Hills Physicians to learn more about the new gastric balloon, the first step is to meet your balloon weight loss doctor. The physician will explain the procedure, and verify that you qualify for the balloon device. Then, your next appointment will be implanting the balloon device, which is filled with saline. This is a non-surgical technique, so there are no holes, openings, or scarring. Once you’ve gone through the procedure, you will have the balloon for six months. The device takes up space in your stomach, so you feel full after eating less food. You will likely lose weight much more easily and more quickly than otherwise.

However, at Beverly Hills Physicians, we know it is important to have a team of experts working with you after the balloon has been implanted. Our nutritionists and exercise coaches help you with other non-surgical weight loss options, so you can stay healthy long after your balloon has been removed. 

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