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At Beverly Hills Physicians, Podiatry Services Lead to Healthy and Beautiful Feet

It’s been said that, at Beverly Hills Physicians, patients experience exceptional beauty and wellness solutions from head to toe. However, many are unaware that this is much more than simply a memorable slogan – their network of beauty and health care providers includes a variety of life-changing podiatry treatments for bunions, ankle injuries, and any number of foot-related issues. Whether a patient requires procedures like toe shortening or wart removal for cosmetic reasons or to alleviate pain, the premier patient experience can always be found at Beverly Hills Physicians.

In modern life, it’s not unusual to be exceedingly busy, leading many people to put off relatively non-threatening ailments until their schedule slows down. However, when an issue arises relating to the foot, procrastinating is often not an option. If a fairly common, yet significantly unpleasant condition like hammer toe becomes a concern, it can quickly dominate one’s life.

Hammertoes are often caused or exacerbated by shoes like pumps, which jam the front of the toe against the front of a shoe, resulting in toes that are distorted, and in many cases resemble a hammer. Further still, the condition can have a negative effect on the sufferer’s sense of balance. Fortunately, hammertoe surgery by BHP specialists can largely alleviate the pain and embarrassment resulting from the condition. By cutting and realigning the tendons, as well as removing pieces of bone to straighten the toe, their surgeons frequently leave their clients feeling better than they have in years.

For athletes, podiatry needs can be even greater, with concerns like ankle injuries, Achilles tendonitis and athlete’s foot, among other conditions, leading to potentially long-term consequences. Considering the complex structure of the human foot, and its necessity for a variety of functions – particularly for athletes – the need for a specialist of first-rate skill is entirely evident. Fortunately, BHP podiatrists are professionally trained to treat and diagnose sports-related injuries quickly and accurately, ensuring the issue is properly treated before it leads to drawn-out and often expensive complications.

At Beverly Hills Physicians, podiatry patients, as well as anyone else seeking optimal health and aesthetic beauty are provided access to surgical facilities that are fully accredited by the American Association of Ambulatory Healthcare. Furthermore, patients experience the difference of treatment with the type of state-of-the-art instruments many have come to expect from one of California’s largest networks of beauty and health care providers.

The team at Beverly Hills Physicians understands that the journey towards health, wellness and beauty requires a truly holistic approach, and their medical specialists are dedicated to ensuring their patients look and feel fantastic from head to toe! If you are seeking podiatry treatment or any other health and beauty need, please call Beverly Hills Physicians at 1-800-670-3602 or visit www.beverlyhillsphysicians.com. Free initial consultations are available.

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