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Pregnancy Doesn’t Mean the End of Sexy

Pregnancy Doesn’t Mean the End of Sexy

After you give birth, you may have noticed quite a few changes in your body. Your breasts are quite up to where they used to be. You may have sagging skin from where your baby bump pulled the skin forward. Your thighs are thicker and your stomach has unsightly stretch marks. You may even have drastic changes in your urinary and sexual functions after childbirth. However, just because these changes are natural doesn’t mean that you have to live with it. At Beverly Hills Physicians, we use plastic surgery to boost body confidence in new mothers so that they can face motherhood with much needed self-esteem.

Beverly Hills Physicians routinely performs a mommy makeover to patients who are unhappy with the changes that motherhood has made on their bodies. A mommy makeover consists of multiple procedures that are designed to fix the negative parts that pregnancy has changed on the body. Tummy tuck is used to tighten the loose skin and remove stretch marks. Other common procedures in a mommy makeover are liposuctions, breast augmentation, and vaginal reconstruction. No matter what part of your body you’re not comfortable with, the talented team at Beverly Hills Physicians can help.

If you’re considering plastic surgery, call Beverly Hills Physicians today to set up a free consultation. At any one of our Southern Californian locations, you can meet with one of our beauty and wellness experts to discuss the different plastic surgery options, answer any questions you may have, and set up all future appointments.

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