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Non-Surgical Weight Loss Success in Beverly Hills

Non-Surgical Weight Loss Success in Beverly Hills

It is important for people who struggle with obesity to have weight loss options. Individuals who have a body mass index between 30 and 40 have not had access to bariatric options for weight loss, despite also being at greater risk of a number of serious health problems. Fortunately, there is a new, non-surgical bariatric treatment designed specifically to help people who have a BMI between 30 and 40, so they can lose weight quickly and safely. Join us at Beverly Hills Physicians to meet our balloon weight loss doctor during your first appointment.

The balloon weight loss procedure is an innovative new option for rapid weight loss, which is not permanent, and does not change the natural shape of the digestive system. A surgeon at Beverly Hills Physicians will implant a balloon-like device filled with saline, which will then stay in your stomach for six months. During that time, the saline-filled balloon takes up space in the stomach, which helps the person feel full when eating less food. After six months, the balloon is removed – and you will very likely see dramatic weight loss success!

The benefits of this procedure are not simply thanks to the balloon device; you still need to change your approach to eating. That’s why, at Beverly Hills Physicians, we can also work with patients during the time they have the device implanted. Our team of nutritionists and exercise coaches offer non-surgical weight loss coaching. Even after the balloon is removed, you may continue to lose weight if you can, perhaps largely thanks to the advice of these fantastic health coaches. At Beverly Hills Physicians, we’re here to help!

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