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LA’s Best Balloon Weight Loss Doctor

LA’s Best Balloon Weight Loss Doctor

Over two-thirds of American adults are overweight, obese, or severely obese.. People who have a BMI of 40 or more, or 35 or more with certain health issues, often qualify for weight loss surgery, like Lap Band or a sleeve gastrectomy. However, currently healthy people with a BMI between 30 and 40 have not had options for weight loss help – until now. The FDA has approved a non-surgical weight loss device called the ORBERA Intragastric Balloon, and Beverly Hills Physicians is proud to have some of the first experts in this technology in Los Angeles at our clinic.

After your first consultation, our balloon weight loss doctor will determine whether or not you qualify for the ORBERA procedure. If you do, then we will schedule this outpatient procedure, which is very quick and simple, and helps you recover faster. Non-surgical techniques involve very little impact on the body, so once you leave Beverly Hills Physicians, you can begin the weight loss process immediately. Our expert surgeon will implant a saline-filled “balloon” into your stomach, which helps you feel full after eating much less food. When you combine ORBERA will lifestyle changes to your diet and exercise, you can two or three times as much weight as you would with just drastic changes to eating and exercise habits. For many ORBERA recipients, that is about 10 percent of their original body weight.

If you are looking for experts in balloon weight lossto see if you qualify, look no further than Beverly Hills Physicians. 

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