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Balloon Weight Loss is Safe and Effective

Balloon Weight Loss is Safe and Effective

When you are overweight, you may struggle with chronic health issues that limit your ability to enjoy your life. You know you need to lose weight to stay healthy, but maybe diet and exercise haven’t been enough. You may have talked to your doctor about minimally-invasive weight loss surgery, but if you don’t meet the definition of being severely obese, then you don’t qualify. Too many American adults have felt stuck, just like you, struggling with a host of weight related problems, but unable to get help losing weight rapidly. Now, however, a new device called the ORBERA Intragastric Balloon has been approved, and Beverly Hills Physicians is one of the first clinics in Los Angeles to have an expert balloon weight loss doctor available.

This technique may sound a little odd, but it has been shown in clinical trials to help patients double their weight loss success when combined with diet and exercise changes. ORBERA is also a non-surgical weight loss procedure that is temporary but shown to be highly effective for weight loss. There will be minimal impact on your body, so you can go home the same day as your procedure, and begin your weight loss journey. The saline-filled “balloon” that is implanted in your stomach helps you feel full after eating much less. After 6 months, the balloon is removed, but not before a good sized weight loss in most cases.

The ORBERA balloon weight loss procedure is safe, easy, fast, and effective. Contact Beverly Hills Physicians today, so you can meet with our expert surgeons. 

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