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Achieving Your Dream Body with a BHP Procedure

Achieving Your Dream Body with a BHP Procedure

When many people imagine a patient of cosmetic surgery, they envision a female patient. Though it’s true that women have traditionally made up the majority of plastic surgery patients, men have always also been recipients, and those numbers are only on the rise. As the stigma against plastic surgery continues to ease and attitudes continue to become much more accepting, many procedures are becoming more common; particularly procedures for men like male rhinoplasty.

There is currently a misconception that only women care about their body, how they look, and are therefore more likely to seek out plastic surgery. Studies consistently show, however, that men nearly tie women when on the topic of body image. Men, too, have certain standards that they hold themselves too. For example, most men would prefer to have a flat chest. Unfortunately, many men have difficulty achieving this despite their best efforts with diet and exercise. Often times, stubborn fat deposits can linger. Liposuction for men addresses these issues for the more athletic, toned down look that male patients desire.

At Beverly Hills Physicians, we offer a full spectrum of procedures for clients of both sexes to address any need. No matter what area of the body our patients need addressed, from tummy tucks for women to facelifts for men , our team is standing by to provide the excellent, world class care that has made BHP a well-known, and highly respected choice for clients throughout the Los Angeles area. We have the procedure you’ve been looking for.

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