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Absorbent Capabilities of Silicone Identifies a Possible Health Advantage of Breast Implants

For as long as we have been performing breast augmentation procedures, Beverly Hills Physicians has fielded questions from patients concerning the safety of permanently placing foreign objects in their body. Now, according to a recent article published on Chem.Info, silicone breast implants, whose safety has long been discussed, may actually have a net positive effect when it comes to toxins or chemicals in the patient’s body. The study, which examined the chemical composition of breast implants after being removed from women for various reasons, found that these implants contained common chemicals such as caffeine, as well as more serious toxins such as DDE, a byproduct of the infamous insecticide DDT. This means that silicone can aid in the absorption of toxic chemicals, possibly saving the surrounding cells from being taxed by this potentially dangerous burden.

The article explains that this study was partially inspired by separate studies that implied a link between breast implants and a slightly decreased risk of breast cancer. However, this should not be taken as an assumption that breast implants will stop any diseases from forming. Rather, this information should just be added to the list of pros when potential patients are weighing the decision to get implants and deciding which type of implant they should obtain. While it shouldn’t be used as anyone’s primary reason for electing a procedure, the study data makes it hard to deny that a lower risk of disease could be a potential perk.

While the reason for electing breast augmentation surgery is cosmetic, it can still be related to medical procedures. This is especially true for women who are electing breast implants or reconstruction after a mastectomy or radiation treatment for breast cancer. The concern about safety is particularly understandable with women who have so recently been through so much, and this recent information should help alleviate some of those concerns.

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