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A Surgeon’s Responsibility to Take Proactive Efforts Against Complications

A group of researchers has suggested a system that could help surgeons identify potential complications that could arise during implant based breast augmentation. Press reports explain that it is incredibly important that surgeons identify any and all deformities in the breast, chest wall, or vertebrae that patients are often entirely unaware of but which may affect the successful outcome of a breast augmentation procedure. The researchers’ efforts to comprehensively outline and explain both the frequency and the effects of many of these bodily variations is a positive development that can hopefully be utilized in the efforts of surgeons around the country to reduce surgical complications.

While certain complications of breast implant procedures are more likely in some patients rather than others, depending on the pre-surgical architecture of the breasts, a lot of the success in terms of preventing these complications has to do with how effectively the surgeon deals with the potential issues posed by the patient’s bodily make-up. Capsular contracture, one of the most common post-surgical complications characterized by misshaping caused by the hardening of tissue around the implant, can be reduced when surgeons anticipate and proactively address any possible warning signs.

The medical group explains that patients also must understand that it is normal for a small lining, known as a “tissue capsule” to form around the implant. Where it becomes problematic is when this normal tissue becomes excessively hard and squeezes the implant in a way that makes it misshapen. They note that this often results in a “ball-like” appearance that can cause discomfort in addition to being unsightly. Yet, particularly in the case of capsular contracture, complications can be remedied by a corrective procedure. By choosing to have corrective surgery with one of their breast augmentation experts, they explain that patients can alleviate both the physical and the social discomfort that may go along with complications.

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