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A New Start

It will never be too late to start on a healthier, happier path. Even if you’ve been struggling with obesity your entire life, that doesn’t mean you need to settle. With the assistance of Beverly Hills Physicians, it’s easier than ever before to start shedding those extra pounds and become the person you’ve always dreamed of being. Through the use of weight loss surgery and outstanding follow-up care, our amazing team of wellness experts and bariatric surgeons are able to help patients from all types of backgrounds and lifestyles begin their healthier lives.

Weight loss surgery is available for people who are considered severely obese, which is defined as a BMI of 40 or over or 35 and above with related health problems (often called comorbidities). Fortunately, Beverly Hills Physicians offers bariatric surgeries like gastric sleeve and Lap Band to help the weight loss journey. Lap Band is a procedure that features a special band placed around the stomach to promote less eating. Gastric sleeve actually removes a portion of the stomach, which may also reduce the body’s products production of a hormone that produces the feeling of hunger.

The decision of which weight loss surgery you should pursue should be discussed between you our weight loss medical team, during a free consultation with Beverly Hills Physicians. The choice between gastric sleeve and Lap Band may come down to factors like lifestyle and medical history. But either way, you know you’ll be on the path to a healthy life. Get started today!

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