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A Mommy Makeover from BHP can Boost Confidence for Moms

A Mommy Makeover from BHP can Boost Confidence for Moms

At Beverly Hills Physicians, our network of beauty, health and wellness in California includes experts in all categories of health and wellness. That’s because we understand the importance of achieving one’s aesthetic goals at every stage of life as an essential aspect of a happy and full life. The plastic surgery options we offer include body lifts, tummy and face lifts, even eyelid surgery and natural-looking rhinoplasty. However, perhaps the expertise of our surgeons is perhaps best on display in the procedures that make up our mommy makeover treatment.

A mommy makeover almost always includes a tummy tuck – a surgery in which we remove the stretched out skin and fatty tissue that can appear after a birth. Patients are usually thrilled with the results of the surgery, and when included as part of a comprehensive mommy makeover, the effect can be truly impressive. Other aspects of a mommy makeover might include breast augmentation, face lift or vaginal rejuvenation – a fairly simple treatment that can have a major influence on a woman’s self-confidence and sensation during intercourse.

While motherhood is no doubt a beautiful experience in any woman’s life, the effect that pregnancy can have on the body is far from beautiful. At BHP, our patients can enjoy youthful beauty at every stage of life – even while experiencing the endless joys that come from motherhood. When you look and feel your best, the effect is evident in every aspect of your life. If you want to show your best self to your family, and the world at large, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Beverly Hills Physicians.

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