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A Mommy Makeover for Mother’s Day


Procedures that reverse the unwanted effects of childbearing can be the best Mother’s Day present, says Beverly Hills Physicians

Mother’s Day is coming, and while flowers, fine chocolates, breakfast in bed, fine perfume or a spa day are all wonderful, many mom’s may feel they want something longer lasting. The series of surgeries called the mommy makeover are among the most popular procedures at Beverly Hills Physicians for a good reason. Most women who have given birth will tell you that having children was — for all its challenges — one of the best things they’ve ever done. No one will tell you, however, that it was easy or that they liked everything that childbearing did to their body. Fortunately, the highly respected plastic surgeons of Beverly Hills Physicians are among the finest doctors performing this set of procedures anywhere on earth. The results are some of the most impressive plastic surgery before and after results you will ever see.

Typically, the mommy makeover involves one or more procedures to deal with the unwanted changes to the body as a result of pregnancy. The most commonly obtained operation is the tummy tuck, known medically as abdominoplasty. This procedure removes the excess skin and fatty tissue that often remains after the substantial and sudden weight loss following a pregnancy. The procedure allows a doctor to tighten muscles, remove unsightly stretch marks, and generally work to restore the stomach to its prior smoothness. Since pregnancy and breast feeding can change the shape and position of breasts, breast lifts are another popular portion of the mommy makeover. The position and size of the nipples and areolas can also be adjusted; augmentation is often included as well. Many women choose to obtain vaginal reconstruction to alleviate the sexual and urinary issues that can become a factor after one or more pregnancies.


With any set of procedures a woman obtains, she should know that her choice of plastic surgeons can make a tremendous difference. Southern California is home to most of the world’s finest plastic surgeons and Beverly Hills Physicians offers the services of some of the best of these outstanding doctors. These highly experienced and respected practitioners are known not only for their surgical ability and vast medical knowledge, but also for their artistry in reshaping the human body, bringing out the very best in every patient’s appearance. Beverly Hills Physicians MDs are also known for their compassion and detailed follow-up work to ensure that the recovery after a procedure goes as smoothly as possible.


Beverly Hills Physicians also helps smooth over the financial elements of the surgical process. Some portions of a mommy makeover may be deemed medically necessary and are therefore covered by many health insurance plans, though others are rarely covered. Beverly Hills Physicians’ will walk you through the financial aspects of your procedures. When procedures are not covered, they are often less expensive than many patients expect. Regardless, the financial staff of Beverly Hills Physicians is happy to work with patients to set up a plan that is appropriate for even a very modest budget.


All mothers are special and deserve to be celebrated, and there’s no reason they shouldn’t look exactly as good as they want to. For more information on all kinds of beauty related medical procedures, from mommy makeovers to rhinoplasty and weight loss surgery, please call Beverly Hills Physicians at 800-788-1416 or visit the web site at www.beverlyhillsphysicians.com.

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