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A Mommy Makeover Boosts Confidence and Aesthetic Beauty

A Mommy Makeover Boosts Confidence and Aesthetic Beauty

Though multiple locations across Southern California, our team at Beverly Hills Physicians provides each patient with the best in health, beauty and wellness. While we perform a number of procedures for various issues, we’re perhaps best known for providing truly world-class plastic surgery with an artist’s eye. This skillful approach to plastic surgery is why so many women have come to trust us to perform mommy makeover treatments that rejuvenate their bodies after pregnancy.

Though motherhood can be one of the most precious aspects of a woman’s life, the effect of motherhood on a woman’s body has long been viewed as a significant, though enobling sacrifice. At BHP, however, we believe that a woman should be able to enjoy all that life offers at every step of her life’s journey. That’s why we’re proud to perform the mommy makeover – a series of procedures that is designed to correct the undesirable results of bearing children.

Though the procedures included in a mommy makeover is different for every woman depending on the unique features of every lady’s body, it almost always includes a tummy tuck – a surgery that removes stretched out skin and fatty tissue that can obscure a womanly figure after childbirth. A mommy makeover might also include a breast augmentation, and for some even a vaginal reconstruction or rejuvenation procedure.

Every woman wants to be the best mother she possibly can, and by boosting your own self-esteem, you’ll be able to enjoy quality time with your children even more. If you’re ready to embrace joy in your life, don’t hesitate to get in touch with BHP!

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