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A Loving Family of Four Becomes a Happy, Loving Family Thanks to Weight Loss Surgery

Gastric sleeve procedures from Beverly Hills Physicians transform the life of Robert and Veronica Cordova and their two sons

Though clearly a strong and loving family, life for the four Cordovas of Southern California was on a rapid decline for one simple reason – all of them were dangerously obese. Luckily, researching a solution to their problem led the Cordovas to Beverly Hills Physicians, the leading experts in weight loss surgery in Rancho Cucamonga, Encino, and all of Southern California. Both parents and their two sons ended up choosing the gastric sleeve with Los Angeles-based Dr. Monali Misra of BHP.

As documented in a powerful video, Mr. and Mrs. Cordova’s fateful encounter with Beverly Hills Physicians may have come at the nick of time. Robert Cordova had recently suffered a near fatal heart attack. Veronica, his wife of 22 years, had grown so large she found herself spending an entire airplane ride in misery, strapped in much too tightly because she was too embarrassed to request a seat belt extension. Meanwhile, their adult sons, Angelo and Hector, were experiencing social isolation and feeling bad about themselves despite being engaging and thoughtful young men.

Dr. Misra first performed the sleeve gastrectomy on Robert and Veronica. Though the surgeon had felt positive about the outcome due to the obvious commitment to permanent weight loss shown by the couple, their results exceeded her expectations. Veronica lost a stunning 126 pounds while Robert became 91 pounds lighter.

Both Robert and Veronica also opted to complete their success with body contouring plastic surgery from renowned BHP plastic surgeon Dr. Louis R. Mandris. (Having outstanding plastic surgeons under the same roof as bariatric physicians is, for many patients, a major perk of working with the widely respected medical group.)

Not long after, the success of their parents inspired sons Angelo and Hector to also get gastric sleeves with Dr. Misra. The result is that the two young men together lost more than 138 pounds and have seen a dramatic turnaround in nearly every area of their lives. Their former social isolation is over. As they explained in an exciting BHP video about their transformation, both Angelo and Hector are engaging in normal lives with real gusto, including dating and being able to go on amusement park thrill rides without concerns about weight-related safety issues.

The Cordova family’s success story has proven once again that where patients go for bariatric surgery matters. Beverly Hills Physicians’ high caliber of medical talent ensured they would receive the finest care possible. Dr. Misra is an extremely capable physician able to perform all of the most delicate procedures, including lap band revision to gastric sleeve, and is known for her compassionate and encouraging bedside manner. Dr. Mandris is similarly at the very top of his field as a plastic surgeon, having performed countless successful procedures for grateful patients.

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