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A Healthier Life with Weight Loss Surgery

A Healthier Life with Weight Loss Surgery

Are you ready to live a healthier life by losing weight? Beverly Hills Physicians can assist you if you’ve struggled with sever obesity and haven’t been able to lose weight through only traditional methods like exercise and diet. Through weight loss surgery, you can lose the weight necessary to get to a healthy weight for your height and age. When you’re at a healthier weight, you are fighting the scary health risks that are related to obesity. Bariatric surgery not only helps you lose weight, but reduces the risk of serious ailments such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and much more.

Lap Band and gastric sleeve are two of the major weight loss options at Beverly Hills Physicians. Lap Band is a popular procedure because it’s reversible and less invasive. It involves a band tightened around the stomach designed to make patients feel full faster after eating. A gastric sleeve is very effective because it involves removing a large portion of the stomach, increasing the chance of faster weight loss thanks to some important hormonal benefits. If you have Lap Band surgery but aren’t happy with the results, BHP regularly performs Lap Band revision to gastric sleeve surgery.

The decision of which bariatric surgery is right for you should be discussed with a qualified surgeon from Beverly Hills Physicians. Our talented surgeons can use family and medical history to help you decide on the right procedure for your life. The first step to fighting obesity is call on the services of a helpful weight loss surgeon ASAP. Call our offices today to set up a free consultation to learn more about your surgical options and answer your questions.

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