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A Gastric Sleeve or Lap Band is Only the Beginning

Beverly Hills Physicians provides comprehensive post-surgical follow-up to ensure a permanent weight loss victory

Considering the outstanding rate of success, obtaining a gastric sleeve or another weight loss procedure might seem like the end of a patient’s struggle with obesity. The medical staff of Beverly Hills Physicians knows, however, that it’s actually just the first big step on a patient’s road to health. As the premier medical group for a lap band or gastric sleeve surgery in Pasadena,Thousand Oaks, and all of Southern California, BHP places a great deal of emphasis on providing detailed follow-up care for all of its weight loss surgery patients. From counseling and individualized meal plans to continued care in the form of a lap band revision to gastric sleeve procedure, the widely respected medical group provides complete support throughout the journey to a happier, healthier new life.

Medical science has yet to find a more powerful tool than bariatric surgery for quieting the constant hunger pangs that plague the obese, but it is not quite a miracle cure for serious obesity. Patients still need to work at changing their eating habits. That’s why Beverly Hills Physicians provides continual follow-up care to help individuals remain on track with their new way of life.

BHP’s post-operative care goes well beyond occasional visits or phone calls from doctors or medical staff. They include the services of an outstanding nutritionist who specializes in the dietary adjustments required following a weight loss surgery. Additionally, a therapist who is highly experienced in helping patients to adjust to their new bodies is a key player on the BHP bariatric support team.

Of course, BHP surgeons also provide extremely detailed follow-up to make sure that procedures are on the right track. These board certified physicians are among the finest practitioners working in Southern California or anywhere else in the world, and they work hard to ensure that procedures are as successful as possible during the post-operative phase. This includes monitoring patient progress in as much detail as needed. When necessary, they are experienced in delicate conversion procedures that can turn disappointing initial procedures into roaring successes.

Where a patient obtains a weight loss surgery makes an enormous difference, and the BHP difference includes a level of personalized care that may surprise many patients. Whether patients need assistance with medical insurance or other matters, the staff at BHP is known for their friendliness and professionalism when it comes to all aspects of obtaining medical care. 

For more information on weight loss procedures with Beverly Hills Physicians, please call 800-788-1416. You can also stay updated on the medical network by visiting its web site at www.beverlyhillsphysicians.com or via Facebook atwww.facebook.com/beverlyhillsphysicians. The BHP staff looks forward to hearing from you. The phone call you make to them may be the most important one of your life.

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