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A Fat Transfer to Buttocks for Newfound Confidence in your Physique

A Fat Transfer to Buttocks for Newfound Confidence in your Physique

A fat transfer to buttocks procedure is better known to the general public as a Brazilian butt lift or BBL. This procedure is increasingly rivaling breast augmentation in terms of popularity here at Beverly Hills Physicians and has produced outstanding outcomes for millions of women worldwide. In an era where fitness and being “thick” is seen increasingly as the ideal, it’s not a surprise that more and more women are seeking something extra in their derrieres with the BBL. Body preferences change over time and the more petite figure of the past has given way somewhat to a more voluptuous ideal. Of course, not every woman can look like J-Lo or Nicky Minaj – or even wants to – for those women who want to emphasize their curviness, this is one of the best procedures out there.

So, what happens during a Brazilian butt lift?

First, the surgeon extracts fat from varying parts of the patient’s body—usually the waist, stomach, lower back, or thigh. It is then purified and reintroduced into several different layers of the patient’s buttocks. This layering technique allows the plastic surgeon to sculpt a shape that flatters the patients overall appearance as well as creating a butt that is attractive on its own. While synthetic implants were once the norm, this approach to buttocks augmentation tends to have more natural-appearing results compared to other methods and also reduces the chances of an infection.

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