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3 Surprising Reasons Why Now is the Perfect Time for Cosmetic Procedures

If you’ve ever thought about getting plastic surgery or having a cosmetic procedure done, now is the perfect time. While a pandemic may seem like an odd time to have such treatments, the health and beauty field has reported an increase in the demand for plastic surgery due to several surprising silver linings that you, too, can take advantage of.

1.     Fewer Social Events to Attend

With social distancing measures in place and a decrease in social gatherings, most people are seeing their friends, family, and co-workers in person far less than normal. This allows for individuals to wear clothes they normally wouldn’t, try new hairstyles, or get plastic surgery without others noticing.

Due to quarantine isolation, there’s no need to explain to friends that you can’t see them for two weeks due to recovery from a procedure!

2.     Heal and Work from Home

Another benefit of the new health and safety protocol is that many individuals are working from home. This means that patients who receive treatments or procedures don’t need to take time off from work while they heal.

For those undergoing more major surgeries that require longer recovery time, this is a significant advantage.

3.     Hide Recovery with Face Masks

For any procedures around the lower half of the face, including lips and the cheek area, patients can comfortably hide any initial scarring or swelling from a procedure behind their face masks.

In the past, individuals may have been too embarrassed to go out in public while still recuperating, but with the required mask usage, there’s never been a better time to get the treatments you’ve always wanted!

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