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The Personal Side of Cosmetic Procedures

Writing at LinkedIn, author Dan Travis recently made a case for the personal side of plastic surgery and explained why people should not shy away from their own personal aspirations. The author noted that people should “stop knocking cosmetic surgery for the excesses of the few and celebrate it for the modern wonder that it is.” At BHP, we think that this is a great approach to the modern discussion of plastic surgery. We agree with Mr. Travis that there are several reasons why someone might aspire to look differently. Two of the biggest motivations are patients who want to look like they used to, and the patients who want the world to see them as they see themselves:

  • “Reclaiming a Past Appearance” – One of the reasons why the term “reconstruction” is used so often in the field of plastic surgery is that many procedures are done with the motivation of reclaiming and recapturing a past appearance. While people typically think of aging as the most common motivator for wanting to look like a person’s former self, pregnancy and childbirth can also lead to certain unwanted changes with the female form. The mommy makeover, involving a suite of procedures including tummy tucks and breast augmentation, is one of the most requested packages of services.
  • “Achieving an Ideal You” – As the author of the article points out, aspiration is a very important aspect of plastic surgery. We can’t help noticing that many patients simply want others to be able to see them the way they see themselves. One example is a patient seeking a rhinoplasty procedure in order to make their nose less noticeable, allowing others to see their more attractive features without being distracted by one that may be less so.

No matter what aspirations a patient may have, at BHP we are ready to help with a variety of cosmetic procedures for men and women. Whether a patient wants to reclaim their past appearance, or achieve a look that they have always wanted, a consultation is a good first step toward achieving that goal.


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