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Cosmetic Foot Concerns Often Overlap with Phsyical Health

Before and After Cosmetic Foot Surgery

Many people are self-conscious about the appearance of their feet, some even considering seeing a foot doctor for cosmetic surgery. Others won’t go that far, but the team here at Beverly Hills Physicians wants our readers to know that your self-conscious beauty concerns about your feet could have negative physical effects on your body. Here are three common foot problems that cause concerns for looks but also for physical health:

  1. Bunions: This growth on the side of the big toe (as seen in the image above) can make fitting into some shoes practically impossible and make many people self-conscious about the overall shape of their feet. Those seeking treatment for a bunion in Los Angeles with Beverly Hills Physicians also know that the unattractive bump is often painful, leads to easier blister formation, and create pain in other areas of the foot that have to compensate for the irregularly shaped foot.
  2. Ingrown Toe Nail: Many have experienced this painful and, let’s be honest, often disgusting problem caused by pressure from shows. If the nail doesn’t heal on its own and gets infected, it can look unpleasant and feel incredibly painful. If a conservative treatment with a BHP doctor isn’t effective, surgery may be required.
  3. Hammertoe: When one of the toes gets irregularly bent in its default state, it’s a condition called a hammertoe. Many are self-conscious about this condition (some say it looks like a claw). However, in many cases a hammertoe can lead to horrible foot pain and loss of motion of the foot.

If you need the advice of a podiatry expert who cares about aesthetic and physical treatments of foot issues, please contact Beverly Hills Physicians to schedule a complimentary consultation. Call at 1-800-788-1416 or request a consultation online.

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