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Balloon Weight Loss Means a Healthier You

Balloon Weight Loss Means a Healthier You

If you need to lose weight, but you don’t qualify for bariatric surgery, you may have been frustrated for a long time. Changes to your diet and weight loss routine may not have helped you get healthy in the long-run, and you may even have experienced problems with gaining back more weight than you lost. Fortunately, Beverly Hills Physicians has found a solution – we now work with an expert balloon weight loss doctor, to offer our weight loss clients the ORBERA system – but that’s not all!

For years, Beverly Hills Physicians has been proud to offer non-surgical weight loss help to our clients. There are two components of this system: a life coach and weight loss professional, who works with you on exercise and diet planning. As you meet your goals, your life coach becomes your personal cheerleader, standing by you and encouraging you to keep going at a healthy, realistic pace. The second component sets you up with our doctors, who monitor enzymes in your blood to make sure you are healthy, and will prescribe appropriate medications to help you lose weight based on your health.

Now, Beverly Hills Physicians has added the ORBERA balloon weight loss system to our repertoire for patients who are considered obese but who are not sufficiently overweight to qualify for a bariatric surgery. The balloon is placed in your stomach, and then filled with saline. It takes up room so you feel full faster, while eating smaller meals. On average, our clients lose over 20 pounds with the help of this new weight loss technique. After six months, the balloon is removed, and you can forward with a new, healthier body. 

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